For BanklessDAO Members looking to improve their writing skills, publish more, and connect

Take the next step in your crypto journey.Start writing online.

And don't do it alone.
Join the BanklessDAO Writers Cohort starting September 9th

Writing online is hard.It’s lonely, intimidating, and tough to stay consistent.

But, writing is a core competency in the decentralized, remote, and async web3 world.

Join the BanklessDAO Writers Cohort

It’s a 4-week cohort-based writing program made specifically for BanklessDAO Members.To help you improve your writing, publish more, and meet other members of BanklessDAO.

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Cohort Basics

  • Publish a 1000-word post every week for 4 weeks

  • Join 5 live workshops (including a kickoff meeting and 4 feedback workshops)

  • Participate in a 4-day cohort onboarding (including over 20 pages of writing resources, guides, and frameworks)

  • Join an active community to support you in your journey

  • Give and receive feedback on your writing

Join the BanklessDAO Writers Cohort

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    Cohort Starts September 9th

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